US Chip Effort Lacks A Leader

Sematech had the best leader the industry has ever seen – Bob Noyce – founder of Fairchild and Intel, inventor of the chip, charming beyond charming, deeply respected worldwide and dubbed The Mayor Of Silicon Valley.

In  his first ten months at Sematech, Noyce made a speech or gave evidence to a group 58 times, records Leslie Berlin in her biography of Noyce ‘The Man Behind the Microchip,’

“We need publicity; we need the support of many, many masters,” argued Noyce, “you’ve got the local, state, and federal governments. You’ve got the supplier industry. You’ve got the downstream. You’ve got the members. And you’ve got the non-members.”

“We’ve got to have someone very obviously, very soundly behind anything we say,” added Noyce, “I think that we need to try to express the objectives and the philosophy of why we are doing this.We need to try to articulate that pretty clearly so people can subscribe to it.”

Between September 89 and March of 1990, Noyce visited Washington,D.C.almost every month for two-or three-day visits that usually included congressional testimony



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