The 8 Best Cooling Mattress Toppers For Hot Sleepers 2021

Feeling warm can be delightful if you’re at the beach or picnicking in the park, but if you tend to overheat while you’re in bed, it can rob you of some quality rest. To keep you comfortable, the best cooling mattress toppers for hot sleepers are made from breathable and temperature-regulating materials like cotton and bamboo, or they’re infused with gel to fend off heat. Plus, they come in a range of styles, from fluffy down-alternative to supportive memory foam.

As a general rule, you’ll want to stay away from heat-trapping materials like polyester, unless you’re dealing with night sweats — in which case, polyester offers superior moisture-wicking capabilities, and when paired with cooling sheets, may help keep you comfortable and dry. If you’re just dealing with heat though, it’s best to opt for materials like bamboo, which naturally regulates temperature and stays cool to the touch, or cotton, which offers lots of breathability.

If you’re interested in the soft support of a memory foam topper be advised that this material does tend to retain body heat. To keep things from getting toasty, opt for memory foam toppers infused with cooling gel or charcoal, or designs with open-cell structures that promote airflow. (Hot tip: Memory foam options are arguably the best mattress toppers for side sleepers, as they contour to shoulders and hips to reduce pressure points and align the body.)

In a hurry? These are the best cooling mattress toppers for hot sleepers:

  1. A Basic Bamboo Mattress Pad: ExceptionalSheets
  2. A Cooling Gel Pad: Cool Care Technologies
  3. A Gel Memory Foam Topper: Sure2Sleep
  4. An Egg Crate Gel Memory Foam Topper: Zinius
  5. A Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Topper: Lucid
  6. A Waterproof Mattress Protector: SafeRest
  7. A Down-Alternative Topper: Sleep Zone
  8. A Waterproof Cotton Topper: DROVAN

Your rest is precious and it’s not worth losing a minute of it to a hot bed, but you just might find that the best mattress toppers for hot sleepers will keep you cool and comfy all night long.


A Basic Bamboo Mattress Pad

This cooling mattress pad is lined with a breathable bamboo rayon cover, and it even includes a built-in skirt to hug the rim of your mattress for a secure fit. Filled with hypoallergenic down-alternative, it provides extra support within the cushion. However, it isn’t waterproof. Still, the topper is also available in six sizes for different bed types.

According to a fan: “Made this purchase to cool down a hot memory foam mattress. Simply put, it works brilliantly. It’s comfortable, soft, and will cool down a hot foam mattress. Great product!”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king


A Gel Pad With Intensely Cooling Properties

When you need a really cool option, try out this portable gel mattress topper which uses gel to disperse heat evenly to keep you cool. The pad can be used in one of two ways: under your sheets (where it stays cool for two to three hours), or over your sheets, where you can sleep directly on it and experience a briefer, but more immediate and intense feeling of coolness. You don’t even need to put it in the fridge or freezer to make it cold again; simply place it in a cool spot to recharge. It’s available in two sizes: one for your body, and one for your pillow.

According to a reviewer: “I sometimes wake up sweating so I decided to try this pillow. It’s not a pillow, it a mat, really. You place it on your warm/hot bed pillow and, voila!…in 2 or 3 seconds the coolness is activated and it is so wonderful. It works fast and is very refreshing. I keep it by my bedside so that I can grab it when I need it.”

  • Available sizes: two (mat and pillow)


A Memory Foam Topper Infused With Cooling Gel

Memory foam mattresses can trap a lot of heat — but this memory foam topper is infused with gel that’s specifically designed to keep you cool. In fact, the open-cell structure of its gel mixture lets air flow freely while still providing the great support of memory foam. Like other memory foam selections, it conforms to your body while you relax, so you get totally customized support. This pad is available in 2- and 3-inch options.

According to a reviewer: “I love this topper! If I roll over in my injured shoulder it’s no longer painful. It’s firm yet gives when it’s needed I highly recommend this product. Cool and comfortable.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available thicknesses: 2-inch, 3-inch


A Gel Memory Foam Topper That Optimizes Airflow

This cooling topper is also constructed with gel-infused memory foam, but its textured top is designed to promote air flow even more. It’s super breathable and adds extra cushioning while you sleep. Plus, this option is available in four thickness options: 1.5-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch.

According to a reviewer: “I needed a topper that was not so thick. My last one was 4” and that is too much for an 18” bed. This one is perfect and keeps me cool!!”

  • Available sizes: twin, queen, full, king
  • Available thicknesses: 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch


A Memory Foam Topper Infused With Bamboo Charcoal

This pad is also made with cushiony memory foam — but unlike the others, it uses bamboo charcoal to absorb moisture and regulate the temperature. It’s also made with ventilation holes for extra breathability, which will ultimately help keep you cool at night. The topper is even hypoallergenic and available in three thicknesses — 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch — to suit your needs.

According to a reviewer: “Got this for the guest room and I ended up taking naps there. It was easy to use, stretched out right away.But i’ll tell you, this thing is so comfy and it does keep cool. I ended up taking naps in the guest room.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available thicknesses: 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch


A Hypoallergenic & Waterproof Mattress Protector

If you’re looking for one of the best cooling mattress pads that also offers top-grade protection to your mattress, this is the one. Not only is it waterproof and hypoallergenic, but it keeps your mattress safe from moisture, bacteria, and dust mites — but it also breathes to keep you cool. It’s made with cotton terry, and it’s even lined with a TPU layer that makes it waterproof. The topper comes with a fitted sleeve to help it stay in place, and it’s available in six sizes. Just keep in mind — this option won’t add loft and padding the way the other picks will.

According to a reviewer: “If you want a mattress protector that is not hot this is not the one for you. It fit great and has a water proof backing so it does the job it says it does.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, California king


A Down-Alternative Topper Infused With Cooling Technology

This fluffy, cloud-like topper is made with moisture-wicking and cooling technology to keep you comfortable all night long, and the spiralized microfiber filling mimics the effect of goose down for an ultra-plush sleep surface, and it’s made from polyester for sweat-wicking power. Just as good, the cover is brushed for softness, and made with 40% cotton for breathability.

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king

According to a reviewer: “This is a nice cover. First of all, after washing it retained its fluffiness and didn’t shed or go flat. It also stayed in place on my 15” mattress. I have a three inch foam pad on my bed and this cover definitely felt cooler…not cold but definitely cooler. I am happy with this purchase.”


A Waterproof Pillow Topper Made With Cooling Cotton

This fluffy mattress pad isn’t lined with bamboo rayon, but it is constructed with breathable cotton to keep you cool and ventilated all night long. Below the quilted layer of cotton is a layer of plush microfiber fill, followed by waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which means the topper is both cooling and waterproof — so don’t worry too much about spills. This topper is available in multiple sizes to cover different mattress types.

According to a reviewer: “I have night sweats and this cooling pad has helped. I like the cushiony feel of the cotton tufts.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, California king

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