The 5 Best Mouse Pad Wrist Rests Of 2021

Spending long hours at a computer can be quite uncomfortable, especially when it comes to your wrists. So, if you’re someone who often experiences strain while working at your desk, the best mouse pad wrist rests can help. Made from materials like gel and memory foam, they offer soft support while placing your wrist in a neutral position.

According to Jordan Duncan, D.C., a Washington-based chiropractor at Silverdale Sport and Spine, “The goal of a mouse pad wrist rest is to keep your wrist in a more neutral orientation and limit excessive ranges of motion that can lead to repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.” For that reason, wrist rests offer slight elevation to place your wrist in line with the mouse, and offer soft support to prevent nerve compression.

As far as options go, Darryl Higgins, a work ergonomics expert and founder of Athlete Desk recommends memory foam as an “ideal material” that can help “relieve chronic wrist discomfort.” Memory foam molds to the shape of your wrist for customized support, then slowly bounces back. One thing to note about memory foam is that it absorbs your body heat, so it may warm up after long hours of work — an attribute that may be a drawback for some people. A gel wrist rest, on the other hand, remains cool to the touch, and is a squishier material that bounces back more quickly than memory foam. Your choice will come down to a matter of texture and temperature preferences.

Beyond that, you may want to consider options that come with a keyboard rests, or extra-wide rests that support your wrist while giving you more room to move. To help make finding the right wrist rest easy, here’s a quick guide to the best mouse pad wrists rests you can buy for work or play. Pro tip: They’re the perfect complement to the best ergonomic mice.


The Best Memory Foam Wrist Rest Set

One of Higgins’ picks, this keyboard and mouse wrist rest combo includes everything you need to stay comfortable and relaxed while working or gaming. For soft support, each rest is made from memory foam that slowly bounces back without losing its original form or firmness. Plus, the wrist rest is contoured to support your entire wrist, as well as the base of your palm. Each rest features a nonslip gel base that keeps it in place on your desk, and a smooth Lycra surface that’s easy to wipe clean. Keep in mind, though, that memory foam tends to retain body heat, so it may get warm after long hours of work or gaming. Considering this is a two-in-one set, it’s a price-friendly choice that’ll promote comfort whether you’re typing, scrolling, or clicking.

According to a reviewer: “This wrist rest set does a great job of preventing wrist and hand pain while I type all day at work. They’re firm enough to provide support while being squishy enough to let your wrists sink into them and not press on your wrists uncomfortably.”


The Best Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

The Kensington mouse pad with wrist support makes use of gel — instead of foam — to keep you comfortable. Unlike foam, the gel material won’t retain heat, and it’ll have a squishier texture with faster bounce-back. That being said, the vinyl surface won’t offer tons of breathability — a drawback Kensington has made up for by adding a ventilation channel to keep things cool. The rest is thoughtfully contoured to support the shape of your wrist, and the nonslip backing keeps it all in place while you work.

According to a reviewer: “This one keeps its shape and is “sticky” so it won’t slide around (my old one was just slightly firm on the table and prone to slip off the edge with multiple mouse movements). The gel pads are always cool to the touch too.”


The Best Massaging & Cradling Wrist Rest

Another Higgins pick, this memory foam wrist rest features concave holes that massage your wrists and hands when you run them across the surface — perfect when you need to boost circulation and get a little extra strain relief. Just as interesting, the rest is curved to create a cradle for your wrist, which some people find more comfortable. The memory foam offers contoured support and slow bounce-back, but may warm up with hours of use. The surface is made with smooth Lycra, and the anti-skid bottom keeps the cushion firmly in place.

According to a reviewer: “I am beyond pleased with what you get for the price. 🙂 It has the perfect curve and height for my wrist and doesn’t move around on the desktop. Would recommend!”


The Best Design Options

If you want to add ergonomic comfort and a pop of style to your desk, this mouse pad with wrist support is the way to go — and it comes in more than 30 design options, from florals to galactic patterns to cute cacti prints. The wrist rest is made with gel, which will stay cool to the touch while offering squishy support with fast bounce-back. The mouse pad is shaped to give your mouse plenty of room to move, while the rest is contoured to fit your wrist. The surface is made from smooth Lycra, and the nonslip base keeps it firmly planted on your desk. One thing to note: Reviewers have reported it’s on the small side, so it works best if you’re not making wide movements with your mouse (but it’s great for small workspaces).

According to a reviewer: “Purchased two, both are super vibrant in color, and very comfortable to use. I like the small footprint, as both workspaces they are used in are not very large. The nonslip bottom is also a plus.”


The Best Mouse Wrist Rest For Gaming

For gamers out there, the Glorious Gaming mouse pad rest is a great option. The wide 8-inch rest gives you a little more room to move, and thanks to its anti-slip rubber base, it’ll stay securely in place through even the most intense gaming sessions. The rest is made with foam that offers medium-level of firmness, but keep in mind that it’s not memory foam, so it’ll be more springy and less dense. It’s designed to work well with all types of gaming mice including brand names like Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries, Corsair and Zowie. Bonus: Its cloth surface is easy to wipe clean, which is a plus for any computer desk accessory.

According to a reviewer: “Like a pillow on my wrist. Had to get use to it but it’s like my wrists are sitting on a cloud. It’s great!”

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