The 10 Best Nipple Pasties In 2021

Nipple pasties are great for occasions when you’re going braless in outfits that expose skin, but still want a slight amount of coverage. The best nipple pasties come in various colors, shapes, and forms, and they’ll adhere to your skin without being so sticky that they’ll be painful to take off. Since they tend to be pretty affordable, you may be tempted to grab the first pair you see, but trust us: nipple pasties are not all created equally. You don’t want to realize halfway through your sister’s wedding that the adhesive is starting to wear off, for example.

Beyond choosing a pair of pasties that work for your skin tone and outfit, you’ll also want to consider more practical things, like the value and price, or whether or not they come in a protective case (to prevent the adhesive from picking up things like dust and other debris). And though pasties aren’t exactly known for being supportive, these days, you can find versions that do offer a bit of lift.

The other most important thing to consider is whether you want a reusable or disposable set of pasties. Disposable pairs tend to be more affordable, but they’ll also be less supportive and a bit flimsier. If you think you’ll be wearing your pasties with many outfits to come, it’s worth paying a bit extra upfront for a high-quality, durable pair.

With that in mind, scroll on to shop the best nipple pasties for every situation.


These Fan-Favorite Pasties That Come In A Protective Case

NIPPIES makes some of the most popular pasties out there. On Amazon alone, they’ve garnered best-seller status and over 10,000 five-star reviews. The reusable silicone pasties are waterproof, so they’ll stand up to sweat, and because they’re matte, they won’t show up in pictures with flash. They come in two sizes — small and large — and three colors, all housed in a protective case.

Buyer review: “Wow! These are fabulous. I bought the caremel color and they disappear on my skin! I’m Hawaiian, Korean, German so have medium brown, slightly golden skin tone. They cover the whole front of the breast so there are no edges that stick out. The edges are perfectly smooth and, again, disappear! They are large enough to “lift” a bit when you put them on. I’ve always used the cheaper smaller ones but these are totally worth the higher price…”


These Rabbit-Shaped Pasties That Help Lift Your Breasts

These rabbit-shaped nipple pasties may initially look funny — but the rabbit “ears” actually serve a practical purpose: they help lift your breasts. The ears can also be cut to suit your chest size/preferred level of lift, and as long as you care for the pasties properly, you should be able to use them over and over again. Choose from two sizes, though note that these only come in one color.

Buyer review: “These stay on well (for days) and give me the nipple protection I need. They are not as tight or uncomfortable as a bra (as compared to a wire bra), but still provide some lift and structure (as compared to a sports bra). My back doesn’t get sweaty, my boobs don’t get sweaty. Perfect for the 95% of times you need a bra but no one’s going to see it. Also, they work great for backless and off shoulder items…”


These Disposable Pasties That Are Shaped Like Flowers

For less than $15, you can get 50 pairs of disposable pasties. That means you’ll only get one use out of each pair, but the value can’t be beat. The pasties have adhesive on one side and a soft satin material on the other. They’re shaped like flower petals and come in three colors, but you can also buy a mixed pack that includes both black and beige.

Buyer review: “These are comfortable and easy to put on, also easy to take off. The adhesive is strong enough that they stayed on in 90° but also do not hurt or leave residue when talking then off. Love these as an alternative to bras!”


An Affordable Set Of Pasties That Come In Both Round & Flower Shapes

This pastie set comes at a great price — you get four pairs and a travel-friendly case for just $12. You’ll get two pairs of classic round pasties and two pairs of petal-shaped ones, all reusable and made of medical-grade silicone. The only downside is that these only come in one color. While they may not suit your skin tone, they should remain invisible under most clothing. Over 2,000 Amazon reviewers left these a five-star rating, so they’re a popular pick among your fellow shoppers.


Another Affordable Mixed-Shape Set — & These Come In More Skin Tones

Here’s another set of four pasties for under $15 — and these do come in more colors (three, to be precise). Like the set above, you’ll get both round and petal-shaped pasties as well as a small case, but these cost even less money. These, too, are washable and reusable, and will last you dozens of uses if you treat them gently.

Buyer review: “I’m in love with these! I wore them in 103 degree weather and even though I completely sweat through my shirt, these babies stayed on! I really just bought these for some nip coverage on my shirts that aren’t too bra friendly. I didn’t have the highest expectations, but I was blown away! They’re super sticky, they looked relatively undetectable under my tank top, and didn’t irritate my skin at all. Of course it’s not a replacement for a bra – they serve a different function – but if you’re someone who loves going braless or needs to do so for some special clothes, I recommend these! Plus, they come in a cute portable carrying case!”


These Glittery, X-Shaped Pasties For When You Want To Show Off

If you’re looking for a pair of pasties you can show off — maybe you’re headed to a music festival, or you want to wear a sheer mesh top without going totally uncovered — these Neva Nude pasties offer plenty of fun options to choose from. They’re disposable, so they’ll only last you one wear (up to 12 hours), but they come in over 45 colors and prints, from rainbow and plaid to several variations of metallic, sparkles, and geometric patterns. They’re latex-free and waterproof, to boot.

Buyer review: “These Pasties were great, I wore them to a Roddy Ricch concert. Covered my whole nipple, glitter on them had texture but didn’t destroy my mesh top, stayed intact through all the dancing, jumping and sweating, and were holding up very well when I woke up the next morning.”


2 Pairs Of Heart-Shaped Pasties Made Of Satin & Lace

For an equally flaunt-worthy pair of pasties — but a bit more romantic — Nippies makes these heart-shaped pasties in both black and caramel. Sold in two sizes, you get two pairs in each set: one is made of a soft, satin material, and the other is covered in pretty lace. Though they’re waterproof, they’ll probably only last you a few uses depending on how much you sweat.

Buyer review: “I was skeptical of how good these pasties would be, as it was my first time to order them. I was extremely impressed with the overall quality, and the strength of the adhesive does allow you to get a lift when applied correctly. These lasted all day as part of my costume for a comic convention, and even all night when I went dancing at a club and left drenched in sweat– they never even started to peel off.”


These Large Pasties That Offer Ample Support

These nipple pasties are bigger and more supportive than most (that’s thanks to the tape on top that you can use to lift your breasts), so they’re a great choice for people with bigger busts. Like most of the reusable pasties on this list, they’re made of medical-grade silicone and can be used over and over again as long as you take good care of them. Choose from three colors.

Buyer review: “I loved this product…will be ordering again. Im a 38DD. These covers kept me lifted all night from 6:00 pm til 2:00 am and I’m able to use them again. I sweated all night and they still stick.”


The Self-Proclaimed “World’s Thinnest Nipple Covers”

Queensecret calls their pasties the “thinnest in the world,” so if you’re looking for something lightweight and barely noticeable, try these. Sold in a set of two pairs, the thin, reusable pasties are made of medical-grade silicone and should work for most cup sizes, though they only come in one color.

Buyer review: “These are very thin…in a good way. You can’t even tell I have them on even when wearing a thin, fitted tank top, which makes them the only pair of reusable silicone pasties I have used that I can say that about. I would highly recommend.”


A Sticky Silicone Bra For A Bit More Coverage & Support

One last option to consider is a silicone bra, which works similarly to pasties in that it sticks onto your breasts using gentle adhesive, but it offers a bit more of a supportive, bra-like feel. The other nice thing about this “bra” is that it comes seven bra sizes, going all the way up to F. Impressively, it’s been awarded over 12,000 five-star ratings and reviews by Amazon shoppers thus far. You can also get it in coco and khaki colors, or made of black or white lace.

Buyer review: “Note: This is NOT an F-cup physically, but it will support F-H cup sizes. I was surprised when it only covered like 1/2 of me…. however it holds them up like a champ. I cleaned the house in them as a test before a wedding I’m attending and I couldn’t believe how well they work! 5 stars!”

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