Tayshia Adams & Zac Clark Renewed Their Wishes For Their Relationship

The Bachelorette Season 16 was filmed a year ago — and its (second) leading couple is still going strong. Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark revisited the La Quinta resort where they met to celebrate one year of knowing each other and renew their wishes for the relationship. Each of them shared a meaningful message they’d written to the other on Instagram, and Adams’ Aug. 1 post came with a throwback video from the show in which she and Clark used a wishing fountain to mark “a new beginning” in their relationship.

“At approximately this time 365 days ago, I met you!” Adams wrote in her post. “It’s been a wild ride so far with our lives going a million miles an hour but how lucky are we to have had an amazing week together at the place where it all started.” She also included a new photo of the two making a wish in another fountain and added, “And we were to able to renew our wishes a year later?! WILD. … Happy to have you by my side, Clarky.”

Clark also marked the anniversary with a throwback post on his Instagram, including a beautiful tribute to Adams in the caption. “I hope your wish came true and I hope you take a minute to breathe and appreciate all YOU have done in the past 365 days since we met,” he started. He went on to praise Adams for having “done more in a year than most do in a lifetime” and listed many of the reality star’s accomplishments, including hosting Season 17 of The Bachelorette and her successful podcast Click Bait. He also highlighted her off-screen accomplishments, such as “showing up for the people you love” — him included.

Adams and Clark, who got engaged at the end of Season 16, have been candid about taking things slowly since the show’s wrap. In July, she discussed the relationship with Us Weekly at the Men Tell All special, saying that while the two are “doing really, really well” there is no rush with wedding planning. She added, “We’re happily engaged, but right now, we’re just really — we’re dating!” Earlier, in April, Adams reiterated that the two “just want to enjoy each other” and that “engagements are supposed to be fun as well, so we’re just making the most of it,” in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

As for when the couple plans to make it down the aisle, Adams said the two have “no timeline” in an interview with Marie Claire in February. “At first, Zac was the person to be like, ‘We could get married next week.’ And I was like, ‘Slow your roll,’” she told the publication. “And now I’m like, ‘You want to … maybe next month?’ And he’s like, ‘Tayshia, slow your roll.’ We’re back and forth. … It’s definitely going to happen. I just don’t know when.”

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