Single-ended Video/Digital input to differential output driver (High Speed Differential Driver)

The project described here is a low-cost solution to transmit a video or digital signal up to 300 Meters over a twisted pair cable. The project has been designed using the AD8131 chip which is a differential driver for the transmission of high-speed signals over low-cost twisted pair or coaxes cables. The project can be used for either analog or digital video signals or for other high-speed data transmissions. It is capable of driving either Cat3 or Cat5 twisted pair or coax with minimal line attenuation. The AD8131 has on-chip resistors that provide for a gain of 2 without any external parts. Several on-chip resistors are trimmed to ensure that the gain is accurate, the common-mode rejection is good, and the output is well balanced. This makes the AD8131 very suitable as a single-ended-to-differential twisted-pair line driver.  The board works with +/-5V DC (Dual 5V) supply, RCA connector J1 to feed single-ended Video or digital signal, connector CN2 is used to connect the twisted pair cable (CAT5), D1 Power LED, Resistor R7 and R8 terminate the line at transmitting side.

Single-ended Video/Digital input to differential output driver (High-Speed Differential Driver) – [Link]

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