Report identifies EV and autonomous vehicle software challenges

The survey found that automotive software developers’ top three concerns focused on safety (43%), security (22%), and quality (21%) and for those concerned with safety, 40% said their biggest worry was compliance with safe coding standards, such as MISRA.

According to Perforce, 88% use a coding standard to ensure safe, secure, and reliable code – with 86% using MISRA and AUTOSAR. In addition, 39% are using a static code analysis tool to aid in compliance and 44% use a SAST tool to ensure secure software.

Perforce said that with more software being added to vehicles development teams are leveraging game development technology for product testing (34%), digital twins (29%), and prototyping (19%).

As a consequence, it appears that game development technologies are now set to become an essential driver in the automotive space as teams look to reduce development costs.

You can download a copy of the report using the link below.

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