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Kirra Zhigunov our Graphic Designer, and Kim Lavender our Communications Manager have been hard at work updating Ray’s Corner  – our Engineering for Bicycles page to make this advocacy guide more accessible for all bike riders.  

No matter where you are in NSW, if you see an issue in the road related environment for bicycle riders, this set of resources can help you work out what should actually be happening.  We are always producing more content, but their output makes it easier to find and read.

Parramatta Light Rail Update

Last week we made a third submission on the Parramatta Light Rail project, because submissions one, two and our letter to local member the Hon Geoff Lee MP appear to have fallen on deaf ears.  Bicycle NSW is committed to ensuring major government and transport projects are safe for bike riders. 

There are excellent policies, laws, guidelines and regulations that should support bike rider safety and amenity – and we have linked them all on Ray’s Corner –  Engineering for Bicycles page.  The problem is they aren’t being followed.

National Road Safety Strategy Submission 

Yesterday we also made a submission on the draft National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30.  Most of the funding, resources, law and regulation of the road related environment is state based, and even national guidelines such as Austroads or Heavy Vehicle Laws depend on adoption and implementation at a state level.  So we spoke up to address some of the issues for our state that may not have been addressed with a national approach.

We encourage you to check out our resources and submissions, or to use the search box in the left hand top corner on our website for topics relevant to you. If you’re facing an issue we haven’t covered, why not get in touch?

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