Making Gladesville Bridge Accessible For Riders

Access Issue To The Gladesville Bridge 

Currently the junction between Victoria Road and Burns Bay Road that leads to the Gladesville Bridge is indirect and confusing. It adds 300 metres to the journey and includes a steep descent, two flights of stairs and a steep ascent. 

In the Council’s Have Your Say on bike matters, it was the number one issue among residents. 

Making Access Better 

There are a number of complications in improving access to the Gladesville Bridge for bike riders. Currently, the Bridge is a state asset meaning it’s in Transport for NSW’s jurisdiction. Additionally, the Bridge is listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register, further limiting how work can be carried out on the bridge. 

However, the final report proposes an extension of the off-road shared path on the eastern side of Gladesville Bridge, as well as an active transport bridge over the Burns Bay Road loop lane.  This will connect to both the Tarban Creek Bridge off-road shared path, and the path heading westbound towards Gladesville. These connections will open up bike riding access between Hunters Hill Council, City of Canada Bay and Lane Cove Council.

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