Elon The Trend-Setter

A month or so ago he said he liked Bitcoin and the price soared. Then he said he didn’t and it fell.

So a lot of people must see Elon as God Almighty though he calls himself, modestly, merely a King.

Reportedly he’s flogged all his enormous houses and has one left which is up for sale. He prefers, he says, a compact rented pre-fab on a SpaceX site.

Is this going to catch on?

Well a lot of people see their house as an indicator of their achievement. Victorian industrialists built mock-Gothic castles, footballers build baronial vulgarities, spivs buy stately homes.

Elon might be burnishing a new zeitgeist that a posh pad denotes the lair of a crook, a spiv, a vacuous celeb or a speculator, rather than an achiever.

As no one has achieved more than Elon, and as he’s saying he doesn’t need a house to reflect that, then loads of loaded loons may ditch their mansions to take up living in compact pre-fabs.

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