45 Clever Home Upgrades Under $35 You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Whether your house is big, small, old, or new, a few clever home products from Amazon can make all the difference in the world when it comes to upgrades. But what makes a product “clever,” you ask? Well, a clever product is usually something that’s equally unique and helpful — and once you use it, you’ll probably wish you knew about it sooner. This list has tons of things like that, and they’re all geared toward bringing your home to the next level. Everything is less than $35, too.

With that being said, upgrading your living space doesn’t have to be expensive. For instance, I’ve including affordable things like under-the-bed night lights and adhesive vanity bulbs to up your lighting game. There are also items like high-pressure shower heads and toilet bidets to give the bathrooms in your house a calming, spa-like ambiance. For your kitchen, there are cabinet and drawer organizers — and for your bedroom, there are new sheets and plush memory foam pillows. There are a lot where those came from, though.

No matter the room or space you wish to change, these products are sure to help you upgrade without having to spend a fortune. Go ahead — start scrolling and shopping.


The Bamboo Bread Slicer That Folds For Easy Storage

Slice perfectly sized pieces of bread with this foldable bread slicer. It comes equipped with grooves for slicing three different bread thicknesses, and they fold for compact storage when not in use. Made of 100% bamboo, it’s good for the environment.


A Gooseneck Phone Holder For FaceTime Calls, Recipe Watching & More

Get hands-free use of your cellphone with this gooseneck phone holder. It clamps to the side of your desk or table and features a flexible arm that adjusts 360 degrees to help reduce strain on your eyes, neck, and back. Compatible with most mobile devices, this clamp is offered in black and white for your selection.


This Compact Power Strip With A 6-Foot Cord & 12 Outlets

This power strip comes equipped with 12 AC outlets so you can power all of your devices at once. It also features a 6-foot extension cord for extra reach and comes with dual surge protection. Not to mention, it even boasts a fire-resistant exterior along with grounded protection.


A Rust-Resistant Hairdryer Holder That Mounts To The Wall

Mount your hairdryer on your wall with this easy-install bracket. It screws into the wall and features silicone padding to help prevent damage to your dryer. Resistant to rust and corrosion, it should remain in pristine condition inside your bathroom.


These Wood-Colored Markers That Help Repair Scrapes & Scratches

Keep your furniture in tip-top shape with this repair set. It comes with six markers and six wax sticks in wood-inspired colors to match your decor. Simply swipe them onto any scrape, scratch, or scuff along your wooden items and allow them to dry to see impressive results.


The Grippers That Help Prevent Your Rugs From Moving & Curling

You can prevent your rugs from slipping, sliding, and curling with these rug grippers. Each piece in this set of four features tiny suction pores that can help keep your rug in place. Simply glue them to the underside of any rug and press the suctions against your floor for stable placement that doesn’t cause marks or damage.


An Anti-Fatigue Mat That’ll Make Your Kitchen Comfier

Reduce stress and discomfort from feet, back, and knees with this anti-fatigue mat. Great for your kitchen, bathroom, office, or anywhere you may find yourself standing for long periods of time, this mat provides cloud-like support and comfort. It features a nonslip bottom for stability and is stain-resistant as well as waterproof.


The Under-Desk Footrest That’ll Upgrade Your WFH Space

This under-desk foot support can help ease foot pain and pressure while increasing circulation. It’s made of memory foam that’s ergonomically designed so that you can place your feet on the top or side to support arches and fatigued muscles. The nonslip bottom ensures that it’ll stay in place while the removable cover unzips for simple machine laundering.


These Stove Gap Covers That Prevent Food From Dropping Between Units

Use these gap sealers to prevent food and other debris from getting stuck between your stove, countertop, and other appliances. Made of flexible, food-grade silicone material, they can be customized by cutting with scissors to fit your space. They’re also dishwasher safe and can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


A Laundry Guard That Prevents Clothes From Falling Behind

This laundry guard prevents clothes from falling behind or between your washer and dryer. It adjusts to fit a single or set of machines and is fully compatible with both top- and front-loading washers and dryers. This barrier features strong magnets for easy, reliable attachment that doesn’t leave a mark.


The Bedside Organizer That Keeps Everything You Need Within Reach

This bedside organizer holds remotes, eyeglasses, magazines, medications, phones, and more. It’s made of durable materials and has multiple pockets for convenience. Pick your favorite of many colors and slide it under your mattress for easy installation and access.


An Over-The-Sink Rack That Frees Up Counter Space

Place this over-the-sink rack in your kitchen and take advantage of the extra space you’ll find to clean dishes and prepare food. It’s made of durable stainless steel and is reinforced with anti-slip grips on the bottom to prevent sliding. An extra-wide slot is also built in to hold utensils, dishcloths, and other necessities.


A Collapsible Laundry Basket That Folds For Easy Storage

This collapsible laundry basket is great for small apartments and homes. It’s large enough to carry clothing and detergent to (and from) the laundry room, but it folds down for simple storage when not in use. The comfortable handles make it easy to tote from place to place, too.


These Door Draft Stoppers Block Noise, Drafts & Light

Reduce draft, noise, and light from entering your home with this set of adhesive door draft stoppers. Sized to fit any door frame, you simply peel the backing off to reveal the self-adhesive strip and stick it to the bottom of your door. There are five different colors available for your selection.


This Bamboo Bath Mat That Rolls Up For Simple Storage

If you ask me, this bamboo bath mat will look great in any bathroom. It features multiple slats for easy drying and can also be rolled up and stored after use. Plus, the anti-slip underside helps prevent slipping and scratches to your floors.


A 4-Pack Of Collapsible Hangers That Make The Most Of Closet Space

Set up these ingenious wood organizing hangers to truly get the most from your closet space. The beechwood construction is sturdy for support and delivers a high-end fashion house look, while the six metal loops let you organize shirts or suit pants. These organizers can hang vertically or horizontally for effortless closet customization.


The Magnetic Towel Bar For Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

This magnetic towel holder is perfect for storing and displaying dish towels, cloths, and more. Equipped with three reinforced magnets on the back, this rack can be attached to any metal surface for convenient use. Scratch- and rust-resistant, this modern and streamlined towel bar pairs well with any kitchen or bathroom decor.


A Set Of Strip Lights With Over 16 Million Colors To Choose From

These strip lights are fun for any room in your home. They can be activated via voice control and are compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Each set provides over 16 million color combinations and modes that sync to music and sound for a full party-like experience.


This Magnetic Laundry Rack That Makes Drying Clothes Easier Than Ever

This laundry valet provides an easy space to hang clothing as you wash and dry. It attaches to your washer or dryer via magnets, and the leveler and is made of durable steel that shouldn’t bend or break. This product is simple to assemble and comes with all of the hardware needed.


A Micro-Mesh Splatter Shield That Helps Prevents Cooking Burns & Mess

You can help prevent grease from splashing onto your skin with this frying pan splatter shield. The micro-mesh screen fits the entire circumference of your pan, allowing you to cook without putting yourself at risk (or creating a mess). This guard is easy to use and dishwasher safe for simple cleaning.


The Sink Caddy That Keeps Your Sponges Elevated

This sink caddy will keep your kitchen cleaning utensils neat and elevated above the basin. It comes with a strong adhesive that sticks to the interior of your sink and can hold up to 15 pounds at a time. Equipped with both a sponge and brush holder, this caddy does a great job of keeping things separated and simple to access.


The Socket Shelf For More Charging Power & Storage Space

Use this socket shelf to increase electrical capabilities while also creating a place to store your items while charging. Each one allows you to charge up to eight devices at once using six AC outlets and two USB ports. Install it by plugging into your existing outlet and you’re done.


A Pack Of Plug-In Night Lights That Turn On When It’s Dark

Illuminate the pathways of your home with this set of plug-in night lights. They automatically light up when the room darkens and are compact enough to not block the second outlet while in use. Offered in a pack of six, these are perfect for any area of the house.


This Soft Bed Sheet Set With Over 150,000 Positive Ratings

This soft sheet set is a comfy upgrade for any bedroom, and over 150,000 customers agree. Equipped with one flat sheet, one deep-pocket fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, this set provides all you need to revamp your sleeping area. The wrinkle-resistant material is easy to care for and can be cleaned in your washer and dryer. There are a variety of colors and patterns available for your choosing, too.

  • Available sizes: Twin  — California King (with extra-deep pocket options)


An All-Season Comforter That Feels Like It’s Packed With Down Feathers

This microfiber comforter — which feels like it’s filled with down feathers — is great for all-season use. It’s warm, cozy, and equipped with a reversible color design that can be flipped for a different shade (depending on which color you choose). Made to use alone or with your favorite duvet, it features eight built-in corner and side loops so you can easily attach it as needed.


A Memory Foam Knee Pillow That’ll Make Your Bed Even Cozier

This knee pillow can help alleviate back, hip, and knee pain while you rest in bed. Made of memory foam, it fits between your knees to offer support and comfort throughout the night. It also comes with a cover that easily zips off to be placed in the washer.


This Memory Foam Pillow Packed With Temperature-Regulating Gel

This supportive memory foam gel pillow is packed with temperature-regulating and ventilated materials, helping to keep you from getting too hot as you sleep. It also comes with a cover that’s removable and machine washable.

  • Available sizes: Standard, Queen, King


This Slide-Out Spice Rack That Organizes Kitchen Cabinets

This spice organizer offers a simple solution to keeping your condiment cabinet neat and intact. It fits into your cabinet and features a slide-out tray that holds your go-to snacks and seasonings. The chrome construction is also a durable and sleek addition to any kitchen.


An Over-The-Cabinet Organizer That Frees Up Space

These over-the-cabinet storage racks offer extra space to hang foil, plastic wraps, cutting boars, baking sheets, and more. They come with hooks as well as hardware (in case you’re looking for a more permanent installation). Made of steel with foam padding, they’re durable and shouldn’t scratch your doors.


A Bamboo Book Holder For Reading Recipes In The Kitchen

Enjoy books, tablets, and other electronic devices with little to no stress on the eyes, neck, and hands with this book holder. It’s made of natural bamboo materials that are strong and eco-friendly, and it comes with metal clips that hold things in place. The compact design allows you to easily store it or take it with you anywhere you go.


These Silicone Chair Leg Covers To Help Prevent Floor Scratches

These chair leg covers help protect furniture and floors while remaining out of sight (thanks to their transparent hue). They essentially pop on and allow your furniture to still be the center of attention. Each piece is backed with felt and is both lightweight as well as easy to install.


These Refrigerator Mats That Help Prevent Food From Spoiling

This pack of refrigerator sponge mats help prevent the molding, spoiling, and bruising of fruits and vegetables while also protecting your fridge shelves. They can be cut to fit into any space and are offered in a variety of colors for your selection.


A Set Of Stick-On, Motion-Activated Light Strips

You can add ambient lighting to any area of your home with these light strips. They each feature a built-in magnet and come with adhesive strips for simple installation. Great in any room, they’re also rechargeable and offer automatic sensors that shut on when motion is detected.


An Under-The-Bed Night Light That Activates When Motion Is Detected

How cool is this under-the-bed night light? Made with motion-detecting sensors, it automatically shuts on and off when movement takes place. Install it under your bed for guidance in the middle of the night or place them under sofas, cabinets, or anywhere else that could use a night light.


The High Pressure Shower Head That’ll Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Get the look and feel of a luxurious spa with this high-pressure rainfall shower head. Install it in any standard shower with little effort and enjoy its high-powered, yet relaxing stream. The design is super low maintenance and comes with close to 100 rubber jets that are simple to clean.


This Bidet Attachment That’s Easy To Install

You can upgrade your current bathroom toilet with this dual nozzle bidet for some extra cleaning between uses. It features customizable water pressure control along with a retractable nozzle for sanitary purposes — and it even comes will all the necessary accessories needed to install it without the help of a plumber.


A Cami Hanger That Can Hold Up To 8 Garments At Once

You’ll be able to hand up to eight garments on each one of these multi-use hangers. Each comes with 16 hooks for bras, tanks, and more. The rubber tips on the ends help prevent damage to your clothes as well as your hands as you hang and remove clothing.


These Silicone Pot Holders That Won’t Fade Or Melt

These silicone pot holders are perfect for handling hot items, but they can also be used as trivets to help protect countertops and tables. They are super flexible, heat resistant up to 442 degrees Fahrenheit, and won’t fade or melt after use. Each package comes with two holders in five different colors.


A Set Of Vanity Lights That Adhere To Your Bathroom Mirror

Stick these lights to your bathroom mirror to create your own glamorous vanity space. The set comes with 10 dimmable LED light bulbs that easily adhere to the surface. They offer soft, bright lighting — but there’s also a dimmer switch that’s customizable.


This Slipcover That Instantly Refreshes Your Sofa

Don’t throw out your sofa just because it has a few scratches or stains. Use this easy-fit stretch slipcover instead. The one-piece poly-spandex construction is easy to install without needing help and fits a range of couch sizes for a quick upgrade. This cover is available in multiple colors to match your home aesthetic.


A Grout Pen That Keeps Your Tiling In Pristine Condition

Your grout will appear good as new with this grout pen. Alleviate the need for scrubbing by using this pen to paint in between the tiles. It’s great for the kitchen, bathroom, and any other area that may have tiling.


This Drain Protector That Prevents Hair From Clogging Your Tub Drain

This drain stopper helps prevent hair and other debris from blocking and clogging your tub drain. Made to fit most tubs, it sits neatly inside your drain area to collect and trap hair before it enters. After use, you simply wipe it off and that’s it.


The Temporary Blackout Blinds That’ll Dim The Room

Made of 100% non-woven material, these temporary blackout blinds block out light and as well as UV rays. They’re simple to install without tools and are just as easy to take down and remove. This set comes with clips that adjust the blinds to let as much light in as you’d like. Choose from four different colors.


A Stylish Toilet Paper Holder & Shelf Combo

Bring a rustic, industrial vibe to your bathroom with this toilet paper holder and shelf combo. Made of wood and black iron, this holder is both stylish and durable. The top shelving piece is large enough to hold your phone, store magazines, or even plants.


These Self-Adhesive Tiles That’ll Instantly Upgrade Your Backsplash

Use these self-adhesive tiles to give your bathroom or kitchen an instant makeover. Simple to install without tools or grout, they’re resistant to heat and moisture so that there’s no issue using them to create a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. Each set offers 10 sheets of tiling for simple peel-and-stick application.

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