44 Clever Things Under $25 That Make You Look & Feel A Sh*t Ton Better

I don’t know about you, but shopping makes me feel good — and I’m not going to limit my happiness just because my bank account only has $27.50 in it (and neither should you, IMHO). Instead, let’s stick to buying all the clever things on Amazon under $25. Many of them will make you look as great as you’ll feel — whether you’re splurging on a new top or a rejuvenating face mask infused with pumpkin honey (because, yes, that’s on this list).

Anyway, like I said: My bank account has a whopping $27.50 in it — which is why I’ve made sure that everything on this list is $25 or less. That mans I can grab that brightening pumpkin face mask, two satin pillowcases, as well as a volume-enhancing mascara and still have enough money for a cheap taco afterward. But if you’ve got more money to burn than I do, let me direct your attention to these adorable slides that come in dozens of colors. Come next paycheck, they’re going directly into my cart.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money while shopping for things that make you feel better, and all the clever products I’ve gathered for you here are proof. So what are you waiting for? I wasn’t kidding about how many colors those slides come in, you know.


The Brightening Mask That’s Loaded With Vitamin A & Pumpkin Honey

Not only is this mask loaded with organic pumpkin, but it’s also rich in skin-stimulating vitamin A. The result? It can help brighten your complexion, as well as even out its tone and texture. Plus, the formula is completely pH-balanced and hypoallergenic.


A Mascara That Over 146,000 Reviewers Can’t Get Enough Of

With thousands of positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that this mascara is a total hit with Amazon shoppers. The conic-shape fiber brush lifts your lashes upwards for dramatic volume — and at less than $10, there’s no denying that it’s a total steal.


This Balm That Helps Repair Chapped Lips

When your regular tube of chapstick isn’t doing enough to soothe your chapped lips, it might be time to give this balm a try. It penetrates deep into your lips while you’re sleeping, delivering visible results come morning. And with its matte finish, it’s hardly noticeable to others.


These Viscose Washcloths That Exfoliate All Over

Made from 100% viscose, these towels are perfect for exfoliating all over your body. The texture is slightly rough, yet soft enough that it won’t leave your skin red and irritated. Plus, you can even wear them like mitts so that it’s easy to keep a firm grip in the shower.


A Pair Of Trendy Biker Shorts With A Little Extra Length

Prefer your biker shorts to be on the longer side? These ones hit somewhere around your mid-thigh, while the high-waisted cut pairs with everything from crop tops to T-shirts. Each leg also has a pocket for keys or cash — and with dozens of shades to pick from, you’re bound to find one you like.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large


The Lavender Peels That Leave Your Feet Feeling Baby-Soft

If your feet are cracked and flaking, go ahead and let them soak in these peels. Over the next two weeks, the outer layer of skin on your feet will begin to shed away, leaving you with feet that look — and feel — ultra-soft. And unlike some peels, this one contains aloe vera to help moisturize dry skin.


A Vitamin C Serum That Can Help Brighten Your Skin

Add a few drops of this serum to your face immediately after you’ve cleansed. The vitamin C will work to brighten your complexion, while hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil deliver a nourishing dose of moisture. The best part? It’s made without any synthetic fragrances, colors, or sulfates.


This Crewneck Dress That’s Comfortable, Chic & Versatile

Made from smooth jersey fabric, this crewneck dress drapes over your body effortlessly, creating a comfortable look that’s also versatile. The crewneck and short sleeves make it perfect for work, but you can even wear it around town with a denim jacket and sneakers. Choose from five colors, including a rich shade of purple.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


The Moisturizing Gloves Made For Dry Hands

When no amount of lotion or serums will help hydrate your dry fingers, go ahead and try wearing these moisturizing gloves for about 20 minutes. They’re infused with vegetable keratin that penetrates deep into skin, helping to soften tough hands — and it can even help strengthen weak nails.


These Cozy Foam Slides That Come In Dozens Of Colors

Flamingo, royal blue, snakeskin — these slides come in so many colors that you might be tempted to get more than a few pairs. And since they’re priced at less than $25, why not? The EVA soles absorb shock to help keep your feet comfortable. Plus, they’re also waterproof.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 11


This Sunscreen That Feels Almost Weightless

Whereas some sunscreens can leave your face feeling heavy or greasy, this bottle of Supergoop is made without any oil. The result? A near-weightless feeling that’s suitable for all types of skin. And with SPF-40 protection, you’ll be ready to enjoy the sunshine — just remember to reapply generously.


A Cooling Gel Mask That Feels Great & Helps Refresh Tired Eyes

Keep this gel mask in the refrigerator or freezer, and it’ll be ready to go the next time you’ve got tired eyes or are experiencing any unwanted puffiness. The Velcro strap is adjustable, letting you tweak how tightly the mask sits against your face. And if you prefer warmth over cold, you can pop it into the microwave for a few seconds for some heated therapy.


The Pedicure Set Made From Stainless Steel

Not only are the tools in this pedicure set made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but the matte black handles give them a chic touch that’s undeniably attractive. Everything comes packaged in a protective travel case — and you even have the choice of three colors: black, pink, or gold.


A Facial Steamer That Can Help Open Up Your Pores

Allow your skin to bask in this facial steamer before you apply your skincare routine — the steam will help open up your pores, making it easier for your serums to penetrate more deeply. The best part? You can also use it as an essential oil diffuser, per the brand — as it’s able to run for up to 10 continuous minutes.


This Chic Bracelet That Carries Your Favorite Essential Oil

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava stone on this bracelet — you’ll get gentle wafts of it throughout the day, all while wearing a genuinely cute piece of jewelry. The rose quartz stone is genuine, and the brass chain can be adjusted to fit nearly every wrist.


These Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Hair

Whereas many pillowcases are made from cotton, these ones are made from soft satin that’s ultra-gentle on hair (which can help reduce unwanted frizz overnight). And since they’re available in dozens of colors, it shouldn’t be too hard to match them to your sheets.


A Facial Roller That Feels Icy & Refreshing Against Your Skin

The next time you need some cool relief, this roller might be able to help. After frozen, it glides across your skin with ease — and you can even use it to help reduce unwanted puffiness on tired mornings. Keep it in the freezer, and it’ll always be ready to go at a moment’s notice.


The Pumice Stone That Exfoliates Away Calluses & Flakes

If you’d rather avoid the chemicals in foot peels, you can still achieve soft feet with help from this pumice stone. Not only is it made from natural lava, but its extra-large size means it’ll last longer than the competition. “The results are amazing,” raved one reviewer. “After two weeks of daily use, I am walking pain free and my gait is now normal again.”


A Collagen Treatment For Dry, Damaged Hair

Loaded with ceramide 3 and collagen, this treatment is a must-have for dry, damaged hair. You only need to leave it in for as little as five minutes — though 20 minutes is the recommended length of time for the full benefits. The best part? Many reviewers saw results after just a few uses.


This Cream That Helps Strengthen Brittle Nails

Formulated with calcium and jojoba oil, this cream can help fortify weak, brittle nails until they’re nearly hard as hooves. It’ll also leave your cuticles feeling soft and hydrated, while the lightweight coconut scent is a refreshing touch. And unlike other creams, this one can also help prevent future chips and splits.


A Moisturizer Made With Hyaluronic Acid

If creamy lotions are too damp for your skin, you might want to try using a hydrating gel — like this one — instead. Not only is it non-comedogenic, but the hyaluronic acid in the formula works to lock in moisture to help keep your complexion feeling soft and supple. Plus, it’s completely alcohol-free.


The Socks That Are Infused With Moisturizing Gel

When peels and lotions aren’t enough to soothe your dry heels, go ahead and slip these socks onto your feet. They’re infused with hydrating gel that works to soften rough skin overnight — though you can also wear them during the day if you like. One size is made to fit most.


This Hot Brush That Dries Your Hair While Adding Volume

With its tufted, heat-resistant bristles, you can easily curl this hot brush tight into your roots to give them a little extra volume. The ionic technology it’s designed with also helps tame frizzy strands, and it’s a must-have if you’re looking to save time in front of the mirror every morning. Plus, the heat is even adjustable up to three levels.


A Derma Roller That Helps Exfoliate Your Skin

Glide this derma roller across your skin, and the thousands of tiny needles can help exfoliate away old skin, shrink the appearance of your pores, and more. The needles are small enough that with repeated use, each session is virtually painless. One reviewer even wrote that “within two weeks, I saw noticeable results.”


The Cloth That Washes Away Makeup With Water

You don’t need to use any cleansers or serums when you’ve got this cloth — just get it damp with water, and it’ll wash away everything from waterproof mascara to foundation. It’s suitable for sensitive skin, as well as cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. Plus, reviewers raved about how it “really works.”


A Shampoo Brush That Also Massages Your Scalp

With soft silicone bristles that gently massage away grease, this shampoo brush turns any shower into an indulgent trip to the spa. The ergonomic handle on the back helps you maintain a firm grip when wet, and it doesn’t rely on batteries.


This Smooth Tinted Lip Butter That’s Completely Vegan

Made from plant-based, vegan ingredients, this lip butter relies on hydrating agave to help moisturize chapped lips. Shea butter also works to smooth any flakes — and it even has a light tint to it that gives your lips a little subtle color. “Beautiful, super emollient lip balm,” wrote one reviewer. “The color is very subtle and natural-looking.”


A Book That Reminds You What A Badass You Are

In case you forgot, you are a badass — and this book can help remind you. Author Jen Sincero uses a combination of inspiring stories, swear words, and personal growth exercises to teach you how to stop doubting your greatness. A New York Times bestseller, many reviewers wrote about how it’s a “must-read.”


This Lip Scrub Made With Hawaiian Cane Sugar

Use this scrub on your lips the next time they’re looking a little chapped — the Hawaiian cane sugar granules will gently exfoliate away flakes, leaving you with a smooth pout. Shea butter works to help soften any rough spots, and each tub is made without any parabens or animal testing.


A Toner Made With Only 2 Ingredients

The only ingredients you’ll find listed on the back of this toner are rose oil and water — that’s it. Not only is it free from any synthetics or additives, but it’s also great for helping to shrink the appearance of pores before putting on makeup.


These Headbands With A Cute Twist At The Top

These bands can easily add color to any outfit. The twist at the top is a cute touch, making them perfect for spicing up your gym or yoga clothes. Plus, they come in dozens of colors — from soft pastels to warm earth tones. They’ve also got over 5,000 five-star ratings, and many customers wrote that they’re “cute and comfy.”


A Bubble Bath Made With Soothing Epsom Salt

Body aching after a long day? Add this bubble bath to your tub, then sit back and soak as the epsom salt helps soothe your tired muscles. Lavender essential oils work to help calm your mind for an extra-indulgent experience — and the bubbles are even formulated to last longer than average.


This Soft Sleep Mask Made From 100% Silk

Whereas some sleep masks can put uncomfortable pressure on your eyes, this one is made from ultra-soft silk that’s gentle on skin. The elastic head strap is also adjustable — and many reviewers raved about how it stays in place all night long. Choose from five colors, including a fun shade of pink with printed eyelashes on the front.


The Spiral Hair Ties That Won’t Leave Crimps & Bends

Unlike many hair ties, these ones feature a coiled design that helps distribute the pressure across more space. The result? They’re less likely to leave crimps in your hair — and since there’s no fabric outside, you won’t have to deal with that gross wet hair tie feeling right out of the shower.


These Socks That Come In Fun Colors

Tired of buying a pack of socks that are either black, white, or some other boring color? Then check out these ones that come in a variety of fun shades. The elastic cuff tabs and silicone grips help keep them from sliding down into your shoes — and they’re even made from breathable fabric that helps wick away sweat.


An Acupressure Mat That Can Help Soothe Sore Muscles

Try lying down on this acupressure mat the next time your back is feeling sore. Thousands of raised points will dig deep into your aching muscles, helping to soothe their tense trigger points. Plus, each order also comes with a pillow to help ease soreness in your neck.


These Vitamin C Sheet Masks With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Infused with brightening vitamin C, these sheet masks can help leave your complexion glowing — and they can even offer mild protection against free radicals. The best part? Thousands of reviewers left either a four- or five-star review, with one raving that they “leave your face looking bright and fresh.”


This Nourishing Nail Polish Remover Made Without Alcohol

Looking for a polish remover that’s gentle on nails? This one is made without any drying alcohol or acetone — instead, it’s been enriched with vitamins A, C, and E to help fortify nails. And unlike many polish removers, it’s also vegan as well as cruelty-free.


A Foot Spa With A Removable Pumice Stone

Turn any plain bathroom into a luxurious spa with this foot bath. The removable pumice stone in the center is perfect for buffing away tough skin, while the built-in splashguard helps keep your floors dry. And unlike some baths, this one also features toe-touch controls for increased accessibility.


The Balm That Helps Prevent Uncomfortable Chafing

Whereas many anti-chafe balms can leave your pores clogged, this one is made without any petroleum, lanolin, or mineral oils. It’s effective in humid or dry conditions, as the formula allows sweat to escape so that your skin can breathe. Plus, it’s suitable for use all over your body.


A Body Lotion Made With Chamomile & Shea Butter

Rub this body lotion into your skin before bed — its soothing lavender and chamomile scent can help ease your mind so that it’s easier to drift off to sleep. It also contains shea butter and oatmeal, which work together to help moisturize dry skin. Plus, many reviewers wrote about how it “smells good.”


These Cubic Zirconia Earrings That Sparkle Like Real Diamonds

Even though this set of five cubic zirconia earrings is available for less than $15, they still sparkle just like real diamonds. They’re suitable for any occasion — from weddings to days at the office — and each one is made from hypoallergenic metal.


A Cuticle Oil Made With Antioxidant-Rich Pomegranate

Give your dry, flaking cuticles a few drops of this oil — the antioxidant-rich pomegranate can help soften their appearance while simultaneously hydrating them. The formula is paraben- and cruelty-free, and reviewers raved about how a little goes a long way. One even wrote that a “small, pin-sized droplet on each nail was enough to cover the nail and the cuticle, as well as the nails and cuticles on my other hand.”

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